Vibe A Mins

Monday, July 20, 2009


It came one morning
When every moment felt like
Alphabet Soup

Soup : A conglomerate of edible solid ingredients in a liquid; normally a broth. At times thick and chunky, most times light.

So these moments are littered letters in a light broth.

Looking for a word.

A G D H....F H I J J...G R E A L L

This is tougher than thought. It is being real.
Maybe no word is needed.
The moments don't need to spell ANY THING.
It all spells ONE THING.

Wow. So focused on the Soup
forgot about what keeps it together.

The BOWL. The Circle of Life. The shared Cup.

Every Thing is in Every Thing.
All these moments are shared
on the Table of Life.

Taste this one. Yes, I understand.
Taste that one. Yes, It all makes sense.
Taste All One. Yes, It is Now Clear.

Right Now.
This Moment.
Love Alphabet Soup.

See a word....LOVE YOU.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Good Morning Starts....

With the rays of Sun
Shine onto our faces
into our Hearts.

The Day begins with a prayer and a smile. The blessings received from the light of GOD

Through the Window of our Spirit, we are touched by the warmth of Life.

A Life that gives Success, Hope, Happiness, Challenges, Strength & Opportunity.

We will never forget a Good Morning Start.

We will always Keep
In Mind Others
who may not
Start as Right as You.

We will always share our Good Morning
Be Blessed we can.


Pleased to bliss
in morning sun
Sweet melodies carry
Through the clear
see green leaves
gently breezed
waving to me.

Hello. A smile content.
AAAhhh. Now comes the fruit incense.

Mystically. Spiritually. Fantastically.
Today chosen
accept the light
sounds and scents
the wind exhales
through the Window
Just walking - Step.

Yes After Step.

Yes After Step.


All is Now.
Including Yesterdays and Tomorrows.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let It Be You Who Makes Your Day

Walk the day as if all ways your good.

In every face place your gaze and say....

Let the Sun shine warmly
upon you.

Let the Rain drops
cleanse you.

Let the Moon light
guide you.

Let the Wind
freshen you.

Let the Earth
revolve you.

Let your family & friends
love you.

Let You Be You
& stand straight & free.

Let all that holds
release you.

Let all Your Blessings
Live in You.

Let these moments in time
add up to the best You can Be.

Walk the day and Let it Be You

Who makes your day?

You Do.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dr. Polite and Mr. Protestor

Daniel Sun is a true being with a cause. You just wouldn't know it. Kinda like a superhero with a public alter ego. Seemingly mild mannered, real polite. Then when injustice strikes, out comes Daniel Sun, a vocal and visual member, fighting for what's right.

Always prepared with a timely quote from a great spiritual master, Daniel Sun turned his light inward and asked....


I AM the GURU. Subject and object have flown, I ALONE remain.

I have stepped into Myself through the open Heart of my Beloved.

I AM THAT...Power of The Trinity...All-Knowing God ...originating Cause of causes existing through temporal relativity yet established in transcendent Bliss.

I AM the Uncreated Creator, the Unseen Seer, the Unmoved Mover, the Equator of Existence, Death's Dirge, THAT which seeks and is found.

I AM indestructible, untouchable, unapproachable, inconceivable unfathomable, Luminous.

I unfold my-Self in mega-cosmic rose gardens of exploding universes, and reveal mySelf in the silence between thoughts.

I AM galactic fields of radiant-exploding suns, congealing from the waters of essence, vast systems of consciousness; fruit laden, blossoming planets, arrayed in phantasmagoric splendor, delicately and effortlessly sustained, mindfully evolved, spinning in infinite and receding into the lap of My nothingness once more.

I AM the darkness and the light, the source and the goal, the journey and the destination.

I am an unseen Sun, yet I blind creation with the brilliant demonstration of my attributes.

My truth can never be spoken, my face can never be seen.
I live in your own heart and I speak to you in your dreams.

You can't escape me, my Love is your life.

You are a feather blown about on the Breath of My Grace ...and We are together always.

By Daniel S.

How About P's Vibe-A-Mins

My man P Love has always possessed a deep soul. A through and through type guy who could explain the size of inifinite as simply as if expressing his inner feelings. Let me tell you, sometimes it was a little pained, but over all P Love is that deep rooted tree you take notice in the forest. The tree that stands out cause of it's stature and it's branch complexity. You know!! So check out...

I was delerious
trying to find the way

I found myself moving--LIGHT SPEED!
Space was the medium
the quest my vehicle

unnumbered stars shot by me
images became blurred, streaked with all the colors of God
my thoughts, no longer sharp,
yet the deepest conumdrums floated up from their abyss
--the pale gray regions of my psyche--
their secrets shone brightly upon me, warming my face.

I was on my way

I smiled

I knew I was in the right direction
I came upon a planet
blue with a confident aura of misty absolution
the atmosphere burned away all that troubled me
purged my soul
I landed and felt reborn, free

The people found me dancing
took me by surprise
but I did not fear these beings
--nor could I see them--
I just knew they were there, all around me
smothering me in their warmth

Do you know why your soul has brought you here?
I did not know
This place is called truth!
I knew they did not lie
You are here to find the answer--

--why there is so much undone in your life--
--why you think yet do not act--
--why you dream and do not conquer--
--why you love yet do not release--
--why your death you think is the end of nothing--
--why your soul will not stop crying, in the dark--

And I felt their smiles in the cool, blue air
As they lifted me, shot me back to the shell
I opened my eyes again



Let's blast off blessings with words inspired by MOM. Love you.

Today is your
SUN day.


The Keeper of Light.

In the Beginning - it was You

Who Awakened the Souls of Earth.

Woman. Gave birth.

volcanic eruption. oh my. molten red lava. Oh my Queen screaming. Oh my Hot sweat. Heavens Flash.

Born. Black. Brown. BEAUTIFUL YES.

Just Moments ago

So warm. Safely in your sea.


Simply floating by your breath.

And NOW.

Bright. Wide.
Glorious. Strong.
This man clear & aligned

Arms spread ready
Yea!! ALL ready to embrace Home.

Over the Blue Ocean.

The bRIGHT reflection

That face. Deep dark Eyes

Your face carried me home.

Today is your SON day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Did You Take Your Vibe-A-Mins?

We are All a hotbed of creative words, phrases, poetry, slangs, ideas. We got ways to say "what's up", and ways to express Real Loe. Ways to be Strong.

Most of ALL is the Way We-Create Ways for positive exchanges between people.
Let's display creative expressions by all kinds of people.

On the Net. It's words. It's images. It's videos. It's collaborative.

What should hopefully follow are great postings of...on...aBOUT

REAL good Expressions.

Enjoy. Comments are welcome.