Vibe A Mins

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thought I Knew What Love Is

Ease easy into my loving ways
float lightly on my breath
feel the red warmth of my heart
Smile softly
eyes clearly
Don't be afraid
it is this Good.

This moment,
indelible in the Now
of all that will be.

No need to reminisce
We are here.

Let's walk
talk about
love or...
Maybe loving.
It's a cool, patient thing
Oh...not that...Well

It's a hot, passionate thing
Oh..not for you

It' a deep, reflective thing
Not yet...Hmmm...Then

It's wide open deep dense green
a thick forest, with tall trees
Oh...I see, not about

A vast golden desert
as far as the eyes can see
the Sun Queen beating on your face
blue sky
breeze high
while you glide
on a magic carpet
past dunes as large
as a mountain
and over an Oasis
with warm clear-blue ponds
surrounded by lush vegetation,
thick, dark green bush,
vines ‘round thick palm trees.
Fruit, fallen from tree, everywhere.

No. I...I thought I knew what love is.

Excuse me?

Oh. Yea. You're right.

I thought I knew what love is.

Monday, August 10, 2009


See in Me
Take Your time
And look deep,
look real deep.

Open your self
Inside Out, Inside Out

Open your self
Inside Out, Inside Out

State Your life
Be Control
Walk on Past
Shoulder's Relaxed
Let it be
in the Manner.

Bounce left and right
Have that Day that Settles into Place
Forgot the tickin clock.
Open the gates, knowing

"You Belive in What You See"

Yes You do
Walk that first step, and
Keep that Eye on the Prize

The Light's
Shines the Way.

Your Go on Green Lights,
no stop Light's stop You.

It's the groove
move up & down & vibrate
Like the needle on Wax.

Why this song?

Puts me ahead
in front of What I see
Nothings Behind Me
Just over here.

Thanks for the Eyes' Opener.
A yes Opener for the day.