Vibe A Mins

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunshine Made Way

With the first words
the truth inspired this soul
took to the height of Light
wakened a New sight
in many moments

Sunshine Made Way

across this face
lifted while descending through,
Filling the inner capacity

Yes. An open Door.

An open Door to Happiness, Love
Strength and Reflection.
One time perfection
lay soul in this hand
Growing with nurture.

Sunshine Made Way

Across desert gold
rising hills and sloping valleys
the mystery once again
The story told unfolds into
a brilliant star.
and the sand becomes diamond water.

Sunshine made way

Across the street
stayed the one who smiled
while passing each day
The spirit came
as a halo above

SUNSHINE YOU is all ready here.
Comprised of earth, wind, fire, water
north south east west

Cherish the Buddha's words.
Cherish Jesus' words.
Cherish all good words of all existence.
Cherish all good things.

Love, Strength, Truth.

Yes there is suffering. Recognize. Turn it around.