Vibe A Mins

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ii the Infinite Pair

Without Bound or End.

The everlasting union

of connected souls...

spirit and body thru

ways and days thru

vibrations and motions thru

words and expressions thru


We eye n eye

i n i being one n one

as singular form and function

as the deepest attachment

with both body as whole

and the whole as one.

Then Two Points Begin...

   (fire attraction,
   calm satisfaction,
   deep reactions,
   positive reflections,
   wide emotions,
   strong passions.)

...And Circle To One

It's the All Ways Life
of The Pair Magnifique

Each One Unique
Each One To Be

iis the Infinite Pair

iis you and me.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

NG Sexy Indeed

Walks in

Sweet lookin'

Outfits fittin'

Moves by...mmmmm

Right smellin'

can move freely
heads and hips loosely
all respectfully

a mystery
at times
deepest part of the sea
most times giving off happy
some times working the melancholy
Once in a while real Stormy
Comes right back Calmly

waves touch the beach
with a soft hand
moves the sand
and then she run.

Runs family, home, work
Runs Life
Run n Fun
Run baby Run.

A flower among weeds
fragile? Weak? Not really
Got the good roots
Bends when right
Stands by real firm

soft kiss

What you see is What be


Mmm Hmm!

NG Sexy Indeed.

by A. Nice.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fear Not O Good One!!!

O Yes.
Fear Not.
Fear Full to the point of bursting.

Like inflating a blue balloon
becomes big and round
really stretched
Wanna give it another breath
but don't know if it'll burst
But want to give it another blow

Everything is Only So Much It Can Take
and then it all comes out
the build up
the karma round

The regrets...
Like chowing down a double chocolate fudge cake
thick with chocolate frosting
deep and dense
each taste is pure pleasure
with a little bit of pain
the cake is done.
The 5 minute chow-a-thon is over

The glazed happiness turns to
what happened it's gone.
But It's never gone. It's there
you just can't taste it
you may not feel it
but its in you.
It's you. Moving thru
your blood stream...your essence

It all comes around and comes out.
The circle winds to it's point and
circles again.

The wheel keeps turning...
and your breath and heart
keep moving

For fear is not all things
it is not all Life
It's moments in passing
a spoke on the wheel
blending in as it spins faster

It is not defining.
It's only expressing

So Fear Not O Good One,
it is that which
you are..

The True Nature that keeps you strong.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Father Is It

On a cold cloudy day
stepped out
began the brisk two step
down the block
bags in hand
mind on the clock
gotta’ plane to catch
To see Pops.

Just 6 days prior
spent time with a friend.
He and fam, praised their Dad.
A day of prep. A day of sadness.
A ceremony for family, community & friends
while bereaving within.
Great tales of Dad's ways
blessed with tears, song, stories & prayer.
Expressed with recognition, appreciation, adoration & hugs.
And a Pioneer he was...
As ashes laid high
golden before our eyes
All went into Nite

Landing in a city to see
Pops living with dignity
despite his physical infirmity.
Just thankful to be near, to help.
As Fathers age
seasons change
the man who builds
a family's will.
His garden of support,
left to tend by his offspring.

What is seen during days of being,
as age blends in and stages God's Plans.

The Pops is my man.
The Father is yours.

The days comes to rest.

Father is it.