Vibe A Mins

Monday, June 27, 2011

Now Feel Away the Constrictin

N then it hit me 
my chest - actually my lungs
start constrictin n constrictin 
while im sittin wonderin
what is this thing...
this fear
when i was really doing nothin
but on the net surfin n readin
sittin in my office preparin n writin
looking at somethin that keeps 
me motivated to b better. 

So this constrictin...
which by the way is much
less then the beginnin
yet still lingerin. 
Keeps me ponderin 
about this typing
which is flowin
like water n wind
It's so dam healin 
so im countin my
BLESSINGS cuz i talked
with my FATHER
who is aging 
with dignity and distinction

Whoa!...the contrictin
is lessinin its holdin 
over my lungs
Yet still affectin the breathin

When i get 
to the real of this anxiety
that keeps me
searchin for the key
to release n free
emotion n spirit neg energy
so im deep inhalin into the pain                        
n the constictin is loosenin again 
to pure focus of intense believin, 
expanding, strechin, holding, 
testin, n pushin.

With desire of the 1 ness of All. 

The Knowing of the Now.
Time still n stopped 
Bein in the Now.

The Now 
that stops the pushin'
from the one cause of this constrictin'
too much Past n Future Thinkin. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life is Heart Beats n’ Breaths

Life is Heart Beats n’ Breaths

A Heart beat = a kiss

A Breath = a child’s smile

A Heart beat = why me?

A Breath = a broken dream

A Heart beat = I see you

A Breath = turning a page

A Heart beat = “what’s on your mind”

A Breath = opening a door

In this moment when Heart Beat n’ Breath repeat n' repeat their requests
Calling out their need for attention and respect

Got caught up in Yesterday’s Heart Beat n’ Breath…

cuz I remembered what “you” did...
“who did?”
“You did!”
"when did"
"the other day did"
"isn't it done did"
"no...It's still on...c'mon don't you get what you did"
"didn't do anything"
"then who did"

Dam…still stuck on Yesterday’s Heart Beat n’ Breath.

Right now Heart Beat n’ Breath
repeat and repeat
New and Fresh

What was missed? 
What’s tomorrow’s Heart Beat n’ Breath…
What will tomorrow’s Heart Beat n’ Breath be for you…

Guess mines was about Yesterdays… so missed Todays…n spent no time or prep for Tomorrows.

In the end…There is THE END…when Heart Beat n’ Breath stop.
N when I add it up…when I add up where was my

mind, spirit, body, n soul 

during Heart Beats n’ Breaths what do I get

1 million Heart Beats n’ Breaths living in the past
1 million Heart Beats n’ Breaths living in the present
1 million Heart Beats n Breaths living for the future

So in the end Will it add up for me?

Is it adding up for YOU?

It’s 11am…Do you know where your Heart Beats n’ Breaths are?

Love Em Now.