Vibe A Mins

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Next Moment is Going to Happen

Tired of being
constrained in
the brain.

Tense before Gentle.

Wound up,
in the Chest.


Yet Yearning
Inspirational Contacts.
Word Wisdom Wizards.

Touch and Thou Shall See the Light.

In with Vibrations Out negative ions.

Take a deep breath.
Realize what it really is.

It's here. It's now.
So easy to dwell...

More fulfilling Being Awake.

God has created you. You are all there You.

So choose to

The Way You Are Meant to Be.

"Your Future Is Being Created Now"

The Next Moment is Going to Happen.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2 Makes U

Augustine and Ngone were sitting next to each other while in awe of their baby girl, Amina Nanyanika Yawo Diji. She was 5 days at the time. 

As they stared at her beautiful face Augustine put his head next to Ngone's head and said "One" then Augustine separated his head from Ngone's head and said "Two". It was a little game Augustine was playing to get a smile from Amina. Heads together "One." Heads apart "Two." Heads together "One." Heads apart "Two."

As Amina looked at her crazy parents with her big beautiful bright brown eyes, Ngone smiled even more and said... 


To any Man who wants to win with his Woman....

"Corny Kills the Horny" said Sharay to Aug. "Be a Real Man not a fake man. Corny Kills the Horny."  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy 35th Life Year Queen NG

It's Your birth month. Your spiritual month. 

My heart and spirit inspires guides opens me...God blesses me... With your beauty that shines like the Sun Rise in the morning. 

For you that exists...Now...that expresses...Now... The body that awakens and sleeps. The spirit that is forever. To the one and only love in my life.

It is this month...your 35th life year...Will be one of your best. You will much about you during this month then any other time. 

I can feel it will be good. No worries honey. Don't be afraid. Embrace all your blessings. Breath deep. The world is yours...No need to think...Just Be the Confident Queen. 

You have life growing within you...You have life that came from you...You share life with me...Your life connects to your family...Thank God for Your Life. 

In one moment Life ends and blends into God Spirit...It is how You live...Now...The Power of Now...that defines who you are. "Live Baby Live"...Hmmm...Do you remember those words? The Giver is always the Receiver. 

Just a few inspiring and loving words from your Strong, Loving, Warrior, King and Husband forever.