Vibe A Mins

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Father Is It

On a cold cloudy day
stepped out
began the brisk two step
down the block
bags in hand
mind on the clock
gotta’ plane to catch
To see Pops.

Just 6 days prior
spent time with a friend.
He and fam, praised their Dad.
A day of prep. A day of sadness.
A ceremony for family, community & friends
while bereaving within.
Great tales of Dad's ways
blessed with tears, song, stories & prayer.
Expressed with recognition, appreciation, adoration & hugs.
And a Pioneer he was...
As ashes laid high
golden before our eyes
All went into Nite

Landing in a city to see
Pops living with dignity
despite his physical infirmity.
Just thankful to be near, to help.
As Fathers age
seasons change
the man who builds
a family's will.
His garden of support,
left to tend by his offspring.

What is seen during days of being,
as age blends in and stages God's Plans.

The Pops is my man.
The Father is yours.

The days comes to rest.

Father is it.