Vibe A Mins

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

You are My Possibilities

You are the Space that surrounds every Star. You are the Breath that holds all Forms. You are the Potential that made me Successful.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

1803 Days Ago by Mbaye

1803 Days Ago

In the world where ur left hand is my right hand and your right hand is my left hand ... How can we see eye to eye all the time?

If love is the universe than I own the universe...

If my fingers had a tongue they will tell me to stop pressing their head on these noisy and uncomfortable roundish squarish numbered button that we call telephone...

I miss you like Ghana missed the penalty at the world cup.

I miss you like a toilet seat misses your ass when u don't sit down all day because you went to fucking work!!!

I miss you like French fries misses ketchup when he is being eaten with mayo.

I miss you like a blind person who misses his bus cause he didn't see it coming.

I miss you like a fish who misses the water the second he got caught by a fisherman.

I miss you like missing the lyrics and melody of a song I am singing out loud for you in the car.

I miss your lips on my lips.
I miss your voice making love to my ears anytime I pick up the phone.
I miss the sound of your giggling started by a condensation of my made up silly words that travel your soul and provoke that sound of happiness.
I miss your smiley face.
I miss your hands on my shoulders.
I miss the whole entire you...
Oh shit I missed my bed time!!!!
Nite nite :))))))))

Sunday, April 10, 2016

All ways flow through you.

The breath you just took.
The air on your skin.
Touched the
Infinite reaches of 
every galaxy,
every dimension.

All parts of God's creation. 
All ways flow through you.

Think about it right now. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Brooklyn is not a's a Brand

You heard it hear first:

Brooklyn is not a's a Brand.

A brand of being.
A brand of expressing.
A brand of living.
A brand of loving.
A band of colors.
A band of babies and families. 
A brand new way of life for the old and the new. 
The occupiers, the gentrifiers, the indigenous, and the explorers.
Live together in the most diverse "city" on the planet.

Brooklyn is not a's a Brand. 

Brooklyn is not a's a Brand.