Vibe A Mins

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fear Not O Good One!!!

O Yes.
Fear Not.
Fear Full to the point of bursting.

Like inflating a blue balloon
becomes big and round
really stretched
Wanna give it another breath
but don't know if it'll burst
But want to give it another blow

Everything is Only So Much It Can Take
and then it all comes out
the build up
the karma round

The regrets...
Like chowing down a double chocolate fudge cake
thick with chocolate frosting
deep and dense
each taste is pure pleasure
with a little bit of pain
the cake is done.
The 5 minute chow-a-thon is over

The glazed happiness turns to
what happened it's gone.
But It's never gone. It's there
you just can't taste it
you may not feel it
but its in you.
It's you. Moving thru
your blood stream...your essence

It all comes around and comes out.
The circle winds to it's point and
circles again.

The wheel keeps turning...
and your breath and heart
keep moving

For fear is not all things
it is not all Life
It's moments in passing
a spoke on the wheel
blending in as it spins faster

It is not defining.
It's only expressing

So Fear Not O Good One,
it is that which
you are..

The True Nature that keeps you strong.